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All Inns Are Different

People are different and so are bed and breakfasts. The challenge is making a match.  Many travelers prefer the predictability of a motel "chain" that stamps out copies over the landscape.  But some travelers are more adventurous and want a variety of experiences as they explore new places.
Two major ingredients make each b and b unique.  First, every property is different.  From the sprawling estate to the town house, one will find a smorgasbord of settings.  Second, the personalities of the innkeepers are on center stage.  Although most of them are friendly and inviting, they are all different too.  They are usually very proud of the property and make a point of putting their best foot forward.
So where does The Grove fit into this cadre of variables?  The Grove is a five acre estate in the middle of Marion; a remnant of a large farm that never surrendered to development.  If you are after a quiet, spacious place to relax with a spouse, friend or book, The Grove will meet your needs.
In addition to very fine accommodations, The Grove is home to several living history activities that come alive with guest participation.  They include cooking with fire, constructing 18th and early 19th Century furniture, chasing the Swamp Fox (Gen. Francis Marion) through the region, exploring the rich history of the Montgomery family and enjoying a small historical garden.  Denley and Ann are in search of those who want to experience the activities that make The Grove a working estate.  They enjoy being the "stay coordinators” who are dedicated to making the visit at The Grove a pleasant memory.
Come!  Experience!