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The Garden at The Grove continues to reflect the design it had in a layout put in place when the house was renovated in the 1940s. The historic, ornamental garden covers one acre. Stately magnolia trees, beautiful, large camellias, and prized tea olives anchor the garden. Yaupon and privette hedges provide borders to parts of the garden.

While digging around in the dirt during restoration efforts, plants from the early 20th century have resurfaced. Petunias and canna lilies from over 100 years ago have come up again from seeds. Botanical enthusiasts will find a trove of treasure to enjoy and study.

The garden is ideal for a walk, picnic, game of croquet and bird watching. We have songbirds and birds of prey.

While planning your stay if you would like to make arrangements for a picnic, tea in the garden or croquet,
please indicate your wishes when you make your reservations.

“The Grove is Marion’s Downton Abbey”