People in service

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The story of the Grove cannot be told without presenting the people who served the Montgomery family. Several of them lived their lives here with tenures that approached 50 years. Jack Platt and Ellen Bethea are names repeated as often as any of the family names. The servant’s house is dedicated to their memory.  
Downstairs, the main room was the laundry, but this room has been converted into a kitchen that features a wood burning range and many kitchen items original to the "big house". Marion's smallest gift shop is found, if you look for it, on the first floor.

Upstairs, the innkeepers have restored the old servant’s quarters which are open for inspection. The same floor also houses an exhibit introducing the African-Americans who worked on the property and explaining what their lives were like and describing their relationship with the Montgomery family. 

If you would like to experience cooking on the wood burning range in the servant's house please make us aware of this interest when you make your reservation.

“The Grove is Marion’s Downton Abbey”